Making your Monthly Payments Manageable

If you are struggling with your monthly repayments to unsecured credit commitments and when applying find that you are being turned down for a debt consolidation loan then you may need to consider the option of a debt management plan.

A Debt Management plan enables you to pay a single affordable monthly repayment to your unsecured creditors making it easier and more manageable to pay back your debts over a period of time.

TDC Solutions Limited will work with you and a trusted partner company to negotiate with the companies to whom you owe money. The aim is to negotiate a lower manageable monthly payment based around what you can afford to pay. Once negotiations have taken place on your behalf we shall endeavour to freeze all interest payments and stop charges on your accounts. As soon as you contact TDC Solutions Limited, you are one step further along the road to financial recovery.


  • Repay only what you can reasonably afford each month
  • The administration work is done for you
  • Make only one payment each month which is distributed fairly to your creditors
  • TDC Solutions Limited and our trusted partner companies will handle all communication with your creditors, negotiate repayments and endeavour to freeze interest and charges on your debts
  • No hidden costs, all administration charges are covered in your monthly payments
  • Be debt free by the end of the plan
  • Calls and harassment from angry creditors will cease

Debt Management plans are informal which means you can stop the plan at any time without any penalties, unlike some other options.