Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TDC Solutions Limited different from others?
As a leading provider of Debt Solutions we honour ourselves in being a professional total solutions provider based in Scotland. We are licensed and regulated making any debt advice we give totally professional. Our staff understand that every client is unique and therefore our friendly advisors deal with every individual call by working in the client’s best interests. Also no fee is charged for providing the advice (though charges will apply in administering the appropriate solution – all of which will be explained prior to any commitment by the client)
What does TDC Solutions Limited do?
Negotiate with your unsecured debt companies to get interest and charges frozen on your account. Consult with clients to ensure we reduce your monthly payments down to an agreed appropriate level which is suitable for your individual personal circumstances. We will take one monthly payment from the client, apply it to the appropriate solution and distribute it to creditors putting all outgoings in the one place and making life easier for clients.
What is a Trust Deed?
A trust deed is only available in Scotland and is a legally binding formal agreement between a client and their creditors. It is a form of Government Legislation designed to help clients clear their debts over a period of normally 3 years.
How can a debt solutions company help me?
If your debt levels are £3000 or more then we can help by offering expert advice and managing your debts for you. At any levels of debts our negotiators have years of experience in dealing with your financial issues.
How much will I have to pay?
What you can afford will depend on your individual circumstances. Our fully trained staff will work out and agree a monthly payment plan based on a combination of current monthly budget guidelines and your individual circumstances.
Will creditors continue to harass me?
TDC Solutions Limited will handle all correspondence with your creditors relieving the pressures from you.
Will my credit history be affected?
Whist you are in any debt solution with TDC Solutions Limited you may not be able to obtain further credit. The purpose of any solution is to help you deal with your debt problem and start afresh. Any formal plan may result in you having difficulty in obtaining debt for up to 6 years.
What happens when I apply online?
After completing our online application form, a fully trained advisor will contact you to establish the most appropriate solution to your problems. Following you entering into the appropriate solution, staff at TDC Solutions Limited will commence negotiation with your creditors. There is no obligation on you to take the advised solution.
What kind of debts does TDC Solutions Limited deal with?
We deal with all unsecured debts such as Loans, credit cards, car finance, store finance, tax arrears, overdrafts etc. We also pride ourselves as specialists in dealing with severe debts of £10,000 or more.
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